Rules Of Survival – A Complete Currency Guide

Rules Of Survival – A Complete Currency Guide

If you are interested in playing the best action game then consider the Rules of Survival visit in reddit. In the game, players need to take help from the specific game playing skills. The key fact, which can help you in dominating the opponents properly is the perfect strategy. The players should build a good strategy which is beneficial in achieving numerous goals and winning the battle easily. With it, the players need to make sure that they are moving regularly. If anyone stands at one place for a long time period then it can be targeted by the opponents easily.

In a game, the most important thing is the in-game currency. With the help of currency, the players are able to unlock different types of things or upgrade them to increase the efficiency and improve the gameplay. The Rules of Survival is including two types of currency coins & diamonds. From the following points, the players can get complete information related to the currencies.

Diamonds –

All games are featured with a premium currency. With the help of a premium currency, the players are able to dominate any type of activity in the game. The players are required to save the amount of premium currency as much possible. In this particular game, the diamonds are the premium currency. The players can use or spend it for unlocking some rare things in the game. Another biggest use of diamonds is to get coins. The players can convert it’s a small amount into a big amount of coins.

If we talk about the collection of diamonds then there are the lack of sources. The use of premium currency is higher as compared to its earning sources. For getting its huge amount, players need use rules of survival cheats or spend real money on in-app purchase offers.

Coins –

The majority of activities are depending on the use of coins. The activities those cannot be performed by spending coins those are transferred to the diamonds. With it, the coins are considered as the main in-game currency. following are the uses of coins –

•         Customisation of character

•         Unlock accessories

•         Buy and upgrade the specific items

These are some main uses of the coins. The players are able to gather funds by in the form of reward. The amount of reward is completely based on the performance of the players. The performance is rated on the basis of a number of kills, time spent and numerous other things.